2020-6-21 · This document defines Network Address Translation (NAT), introduces types of NAT and how NAT works. This chapter provides the application scenarios and implementation principles of source NAT, destination NAT (including static NAT and dynamic NAT), …

2020-7-17 · 端口 Ports 源 Source 目标 Destination 注释 Comments 入站邮件 Inbound mail 25/TCP (SMTP) 25/TCP (SMTP) Internet(任何) Internet (any) 邮箱服务器 Mailbox server 前端传输服务中名为 "默认前端" 的默认接收连接器会 侦听端口25上 IP Switching Cisco Express Forwarding Configuration Guide 2018-1-25 · Include-ports algorithm--The include-ports algorithm allows you to use the Layer 4 source and destination ports as part of the load-balancing decision. This method benefits traffic streams running over equal cost paths that are not load shared because the majority of the traffic is between peer addresses that use different port numbers, such as Port Mirroring - Arista 2019-4-1 · The monitor session source and monitor session destination commands configure source and destination ports to the specified port mirroring session in a GRE tunnel. DCS-7050/7050X, DCS-7250X, and 7300X devices support forwarding-drop destination, a special GRE tunnel destination for mirroring ingress packets that are dropped during ASIC forwarding.

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May 05, 2014 · When tracing on a Session Manager (putty as "cust" to the security module IP address, then run traceSM, filter on the IP address of the peer with "-i "), I see that the Session Manager sends messages with ports widely different from the configured 5061 for that particular signaling connection.

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Defines rules based on source IPv6 addresses, destination IPv6 addresses, IPv6 protocol types, ICMPv6 types, TCP source/destination port numbers, UDP source/destination ports, and time ranges. 3000-3999 Source and destination ports for passive FTP server 2017-1-2 Source and Destination Criteria in an FTD Access Control Source Ports, Destination Ports/Protocols; The Source and Destination criteria of an access rule define the security zones (interfaces) through which the traffic passes, the IP addresses or the country or continent (geographical location) for the IP address, or the protocols and ports used in the traffic. The default is any zone, address Source and destination ports for passive FTP - Server Fault 2020-6-12 · I am having trouble figuring out the source and destination ports to put in port forwarding rule to allow an external FTP client to connect to vsftpd file server on the green network.. I am working on virtual machines, the client to server connection and file transfer is fine if put on the same internal network, but if the server is behind a firewall, the connection is made, but directory