Followed the settings from the tutorial on the site. Double chcked them with the conf file. Cant seem to figure out wahts going wrong here. I am not getting a connection though. Here is my status for OpenVPN in DD-WRT. I am running build 18777. State Server: : Local Address: Remote Address: Clien

ASUS RT-N12、RT-N16 第三方韌體(01.17.2012 … 以下網址皆為官方Official網站,使用起來除了是最新版本外,也不用擔心被人「加工」過 DD-WRT(RT-N12的韌體有多國語言版,可以顯示繁體中文)(可以支援VPN、VOIP) http:/ 华硕RT-N12无线由上世 可刷DD-WRT固件 - ROS … 2014-8-18 · 华硕RT-N12无线由上世 可刷DD-WRT固件 2014-8-18 16:04 | 发布者: admin | 查看: 2621 | 评论: 0 摘要 : 华硕号称史上最强大的无线由RT-N16性能确实强劲,它拥有32M闪存和128MDDR2内存,Broadcom480Mhz频率的CPU,配有千兆以太网口和和二个USB2.0接口,会话数据说可以维持300,000个,果然常强大! ASUS RT-N12該刷番茄還是DD-WRT好? - Mobile01 2010-10-25 Asus RT-N12 | InfoDepot Wiki | Fandom

May 04, 2015 · This is a Tech Tip / Tuneup Report for a Asus ASUS rt-n12 rev b1 router. How to install DD-WRT firmware AND how to install Tomato firmware Instructions came from here

Well, I can now confirm that it works with DD-WRT and Tomato! It was a MAC address issue that was causing the no connect to the modem. Simply note the MAC address of the router with the stock firmware and edit DD-WRT or Tomato to match! DD-WRT (RT-N12 initial flash version) [IMG] DD-WRT.jpg[/IMG] Tomato 1.27

2014-12-21 · The RT-N12 D1 is much different for installing DD-WRT than its predecessors, the B1 and C1. Also keep in mind that DD-WRT is NOT officially supported on the Asus RT-N12 D1 so your mileage may vary . Originally when getting DD-WRT on this router I bricked it a few times.

2010-7-12 · RT-N12刚推出就已有DD-WRT第三方固件可用 虽然ASUS RT-N12还没在国内上市,但DD-WRT也已经率先推出RT-N12专用固件,恐怕广大喜欢第三方固件的网友要欣喜 DD-WRT BIG - ASUS RT-N12 Gigabit N Router ASUS RT-N12. Package Includes: *ASUS RT-N12 flashed with the best build of DD-WRT for the hardware! *Set of 2 removable antennas *Ethernet Cable *AC Adapter 110V-240V worldwide compatible. Specifications: *CPU- 300MHz *RAM- 32 MB *Flash- 8 MB **This item is for a ASUS RT-N12 router that has been flashed with DD-WRT firmware. Tomato on ASUS RT-N12 D1 - TomatoUSB