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Sep 08, 2019 Medical Field Careers List - iBuzzle Medical Imaging Medical imaging is a diagnostic medical field wherein images of internal organs, cancerous image, fetus, etc are taken and examined. There are medical imaging technicians who specialize in taking images of heart, brain, pelvis, etc. The following are some of the medical imaging careers list: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer; MRI What is medicine? Definition, fields, and branches Nov 16, 2018

Information Technology can assist medical education in various ways such as in college networks and internet. Computer-assisted learning (CAL), Virtual reality (VR), Human patient simulators are some options. With the help of college networks and Internet, the medical students as well as the teachers may stay in contact even when they are off

Medical field job duties and responsibilities. The job of the people in the medical field is a very responsible one as they are responsible for the lives of him people. The duties and responsibilities of a medical field job are: Examining and diagnosis of the patients and their health conditions; Prescribing treatments and care Medical assistants perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors and optometrists running smoothly. Medical assisting is one of the nation’s fastest growing careers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Medical assistants have both administrative and clinical duties. They may answer the telephone

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