2020-6-30 · apt-cache — Get information about software packages available through APT. apt-file — Search for individual files in all available APT packages. apt-get — Command line tool for managing APT software packages. apt-mark — Change or view the settings of individual APT packages. aptitude — Text-based front end for the APT package

2016-4-15 · aptitude与 apt-get 一样,是 Debian 及其衍生系统中功能极其强大的包管理工具。与 apt-get 不同的是,aptitude在处理依赖问题上更佳一些。举例来说,aptitude在删除一个包时,会同时删除本身所依赖的包。这样,系统中不会残留无用的包,整个系统 How To Manage Packages In Ubuntu and Debian With Apt … 2013-8-6 · While "apt-get" is used to upgrade, install, and remove packages, "apt-cache" is used to query the package database for package information. You can use the following command to search for a package that suits your needs. Raspberry Connect - How to install packages 2020-7-23 · The apt command is used within a terminal window to install software on the Raspberry Pi. Apt is also used to update and remove the Pi OS software which is also know as packages. You will often find references to the apt-get command on guides and advice online. apt-get was previously used but most functions are now available in apt.

2010-9-24 · 3 Managing packages. 3.1 Updating the list of available packages; 3.2 Installing packages; 3.3 Removing packages; 3.4 Upgrading packages; 3.5 Upgrading to a new release; 3.6 Removing unused package files: apt-get clean and autoclean; 3.7 Using APT with dselect; 3.8 How to keep a mixed system; 3.9 How to upgrade packages from specific versions

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How To Search For Available Packages From Command Line … 2020-7-23 · There are multiple ways of searching for packages available in the Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint from the command line, and in this article I'll cover apt, apt-cache and aptitude.Use this to search in both package names and package descriptions, useful if either you're looking for a specific package but you don't know the exact package name, or if you need a tool for a particular purpose / task Ubuntu – Ubuntu Packages Search 2020-7-9 · Search the contents of packages This search engine allows you to search the contents of Ubuntu distributions for any files (or just parts of file names) that are part of packages. You can also get a full list of files in a given package. 6.10. Searching for Packages - debian-handbook.info 2020-6-23 · apt-cache and axi-cache are the tools of choice for this kind of search (see ALTERNATIVE axi-cache); for instance, apt-cache search video will return a list of all packages whose name or description contains the keyword “video”.