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In the above example, we've used the PHP password_hash() function to create password hash from the password string entered by the user (line no-75).This function creates a password hash using a strong one-way hashing algorithm. It also generates and applies a random salt automatically when hashing the password; this means that even if two users have the same passwords, their password hashes Redirect from one page to another in PHP using button Mar 08, 2016 Prime Conduit Portal ReDirect Prime Conduit eConnect Announcement. Prime Conduit's eConnect system is now available at: Please save in

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Redirect page after five seconds using PHP, JavaScript or If you want to redirect after 2 seconds or 10 seconds, then simply replace the number 5. Note that headers like this can be completely ignored by the client. The content of the page WILL display before the refresh takes place. Redirect using PHP. There are two ways to redirect using PHP.

For example, a 301 redirect is ideal for relaunching a website, to redirect old URLs that are no longer valid to new URLs. The great advantage of the 301 redirect is that this redirect passes on nearly 100 percent of the link juice and gives a clear indication to search engines that the required resource can permanently be found on another URL.

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