A TOR transparent Proxy is one way you can setup a router which will only connect to TOR. I often have a second router running wifi that is setup to be a TOR transparent proxy for quick complete protection. You can also achieve similar results with VirtualBox, or other virtualization software. Here is a recent howto:

Tor and VPN: how well do they mix? | TechRadar There are certainly arguments as to whether Tor and VPN should be used simultaneously, and moreover, there is disagreement over how best to implement this. The first way to combine them both gets How to Use Tor With a VPN: Tutorial to Install IPVanish Jun 24, 2019

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Using Tor with a VPN is a good way to add another layer of security. This is because a VPN protects you in case the Tor network is compromised, and it hides Tor use. Both of the technologies are good at what they do, but they have their own downsides. For VPNs, you have to trust the provider of the VPN service. Browsing with a good VPN will likely be around 10% slower than not using a VPN. Browsing with Tor will be significantly slower than not using Tor. A VPN together with Tor will be slower yet. The other drawbacks vary depending on how you set things up. You can take the Tor over VPN approach, or the VPN over Tor approach. Jan 19, 2014 · Tor and VPNs often get compared side-by-side, but unfortunately they are often conflated and treated as competing products. However, in reality neither is necessarily better than the other. Rather, Tor and VPNs are simply different. While a VPN may be more suitable in one context, Tor may be more suitable in another context.

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Jun 12, 2020 Can I use Tor without a VPN just to browse legal/safe