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‎Astrill VPN Client on the App Store Astrill is the only VPN that’s consistently worked in China for me. For the last week or two, though, it’s been getting stuck loading on the sign-in screen and I can’t turn it off. This means I can’t use any apps that require VPN, but I also can’t use apps that require the … Astrill Application:Other Features and Options - Astrill Wiki Jun 26, 2017 Astrill VPN In China - How good is it here? - YouTube

Does Astrill VPN Work in China? Astrill VPN will generally work in China and even offers special “supercharged” servers that will give users in China lower latency and better overall performance.

Astrill VPN In China - How good is it here? - YouTube May 21, 2019 Astrill VPN Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of Astrill has been a reliable VPN in China for years. When people had issues with Express and other cheaper options, I almost took pleasure in knowing I have little to no issues with mine. Unfortunately, it all changed recently and Astrill is not what is used to be: it barely works on my phone (you can find free VPN with equal "quality") and I

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Astrill service works well in China unlike any other VPN providers who often have problems there. How many devices does a personal VPN plan support? You can … Astrill VPN Review: Still Working in China? (July Update) Jul 15, 2020 Astrill Setup Manual:Common Problems and Solutions May 21, 2018